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Specialised Lubricants and Custom Built Machines for Automatic Application of Lubricants

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Specialised Lubricants & Custom Built Machines For Automatic Application Of Lubricants


Custom built machines for the automatic application of micro quantities of lubrication to metal working operations in an economic, safe reliable and accurate manner.


Air atomizing machines for the application of lubricant to saw blades - 2,3,4 nozzles for smaller and bigger blades. These machines can be adapted for circular saws, band saws, dyna-cutters etc.


Air atomizing machines with wide angle flat spray nozzles for flat material entering a press operation. Air atomizing round spray for dedicated spots needing lubrication. Airless spot pattern for reaching hard to reach spots over a distance on tooling e.g. CNC or press operations.

Guillotine Cutting:

Airless flat spray pattern for use on longer blades e.g. Guillotines, shredders.


Self cleaning nozzles and non clogging machines for the pumping of solid lubricants in suspension for forging and other operations.

Drilling and tapping:

Machines for the automatic cleaning and lubricating of drills and taps.