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Specialised Lubricants and Custom Built Machines for Automatic Application of Lubricants

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Specialised Lubricants & Custom Built Machines For Automatic Application Of Lubricants

Our Products:

We offer:

Producut Lubrication Technologies’s capabilities and expertise extend across all industries. The sales and production teams are always available to evaluate and discuss requirements and to help customers identify and implement the most practical, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

We offer specialised lubricants and custom built machines for the automatic application of lubricants to the following:

Metal Working:

Operations that includes, amongst others:


Products are available for:


Marking Systems:

Band Marking:

Automatic spray guns equipped with road marking type nozzles for the marking of tubes or other materials.


Colour Coding:

Hand held or automatic multi colour systems for marking different materials for easier identification.


Defect Marking Units:

In combination with X-ray, Eddy current or any other fault detection device.

Centralised Lubrication Systems:

We customize Internationally reputable Centralized lubrication equipment (SKF) for the automatic lubrication of multiple grease and oil points on production machines for highly controlled and accurately monitored results.

Reliable centralized equipment reduces the risk of human error and expensive breakdowns.

Early warning systems can dramatically reduce the risk of friction points running “dry”.

Production equipment can “shut down” before it breaks down.

Often very expensive equipment is exposed to human error on critical lubrication points which are often hard to reach. Accurately monitoring equipment can accurately lubricate and protect such points.


Custom built machines for the automatic application of micro quantities of lubrication to metal working operations in an economic, safe reliable and accurate manner.


Air atomizing machines for the application of lubricant to saw blades - 2,3,4 nozzles for smaller and bigger blades. These machines can be adapted for circular saws, band saws, dyna-cutters etc.