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Specialised Lubricants and Custom Built Machines for Automatic Application of Lubricants

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About Producut | Metal Working Lubrication


In 1990 the first MQL Applicator was designed and fitted to a machining centre converting aluminium castings into end plates for electrical motors used in the automotive industry. This was followed by the installation of lube units for Minimum Quantity Lubrication of saw blades, at a local aluminium smelter, under the Leadership of Mr Eben Du Plessis.

Over the next two decades, the business has expanded also impacting other industries involving copper alloys, steel, stainless steel and titanium.  Producut became involved in the local Primary metal Producers, Manufacturing, Building, Defence, Mining Electrical, Automotive & Parts Industries & Engineering Machine Shops.  We serve local and overseas Aluminium Industries (Europe & the Middle East) including Aluminium Plate Rolling and Extrusions plants.


In 1993 Mrs Riëtte Herselman joined the then Productive Systems (Pty) Ltd as Financial Assistant reporting to Mr E. du Plessis and after four years left the company at the end of 1996 as Project Co-ordinator.


In 1996, Mr du Plessis started to focus on MQL in South Africa and globally after having realized the potential of MQL as a better or alternative technique to that of the use of water soluble oil and started the company Producut Lubrication Technologies (Pty) Ltd. The company started small but has grown to become a well-established business having a positive impact on numerous metal working and manufacturing industries. We have long relationships with most of our original clients and are still doing business with them today.

In our quest for a more fundamental understanding of MQL, we have received wonderful co-operation from local universities’ Engineering Departments (i.e. Tribology lab at Chemical Engineering, University of Pretoria; the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Engineering, the School of Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering as well as the DST/NRF Centre of Excellence in Strong Materials, University of the Witwatersrand; Industrial Engineering & Process Engineering, Stellenbosch University; Mechanical Engineering Science, University of Johannesburg; Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory, UCT as well as from Aswan Consulting CC. This serves to bring the industry closer to the academic world and in doing so, creating an awareness by students (4th year, Honors and Masters) of the environmental impact of lubrication in metalworking operations as well as the advantages of MQL. More recently, Doctoral and Post-doctoral students working on Titanium Alloys became involved with our MQL application's systems and lubricants.


During 2004 a second company Thaa SA was established (also directed by Mr Du Plessis) as an extension of Thaa AG in Switzerland. The purpose of this business was mainly to import high quality precision blades for the Aluminium Industry.


In 2010, after gaining experience in the public sector on middle and senior management levels, Mrs Herselman re-joined Mr du Plessis at the Producut group and over the next 4 years became familiar with all aspects of the business.

Producut (Pty) Ltd is operating from Silverton (Pretoria) and is a member of the Capital City Business Chamber as well as ABCONN(Africa Business Connect), the SA Institute of Tribology and the SA Aluminium Federation. Due to Producut's innovative work in finding new applications for its limited volume lubrication technology, Eben du Plessis was awarded the Louw Alberts Award in 2009 and in 2014 we received the Best Technical Achievement Award from the SA Institute of Tribology.


Mr Werner Herselman, joined the business in 2012, initially as Environmental Manager and then as Technical Manager.  He is actively involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of products as well as the maintenance of service level standards with customers.


During October 2013, the company, Producut Lubrication Technologies (Pty) Ltd inclusive of all assets, intellectual property, clients and the Thaa AG Association, was acquired by Producut (PTY) Ltd under the leadership of Mrs Riëtte Herselman.  Apart from these changes, all other operations continued as usual, from the same premises and by the same staff.  Mr Du Plessis is still directly involved in the business and provides Technical Assistance due to his advanced knowledge and experience developed over many years, more specifically in the fields of chemistry and MQL.  Mr Du Plessis is also in constant contact with local universities and international role players in the industry with regard to product improvement, research and development. 

In 2013 Producut was appointed as a SKF Lubrication Systems Distributor, creating an opportunity for Producut to explore the market using the SKF brand identity.

Our Motto:

Make Every Drop Count!

Our Core Values:

We Rely And Are Commited To:

Our Unique Selling Point Is:

We are the only SA company that provide a complete solution when it comes to MQL in metalworking.  We have developed in house formulations for different types of metalworking lubricants and we build/provide the equipment to optimally apply the lubricants.  These products are tailor made to suit the specific requirements of our clients.  Our parts and raw materials are sourced from internationally reputable suppliers.