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Specialised Lubricants and Custom Built Machines for Automatic Application of Lubricants

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Producut | Metal Working Lubrication

Make Every Drop Count!

Producut Metalworking Lubrication offers a more effective, alternative lubrication technique in Metal Working Processes, in comparison to the use of Flood Coolant / Water, Soluble Oil and other conventional methods. Our Minimal Quantity Lubrication systems are able to reduce operational costs as well as minimise the effect on the environment.

We manufacture and supply metal lubrication machines and patented Eco-friendly oils to be used in most metal working applications. Our machines optimises lubrication whilst it minimises waste, in order to ensure that our client's operations run smoothly and as cost-effectively as possible.

This is achieved through our Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) systems. MQL is also known as Near Dry or Micro-dosing lubrication. The lubrication is applied in an aerosol format to the cutting edge of tooling only and in a very small but optimised quantity. Our systems only applies what is needed for your machinery to run at optimal performance.

Benefits of MQL:

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